Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scholarship Points Review

I have recently registered for this scholarship program called "Scholarship Points". At first, I honestly thought it was some scam, where scholarship websites take your email address and phone number and pretty much never get in contact with you again. But this site is WAY different.
You have two objectives with Scholarship Points: to earn points and get scholarships. You obtain points SO easily. You read a blog or an article (which are usually very brief), and you earn points simply for doing that! Then, those points allow you to apply for scholarships. What's the catch? There is none. These points are considered "entries" for each scholarship you apply for. That means, it is equal opportunities for everyone. One's financial situations or educational background OR GPA is not even a factor that determines whether or not they get a scholarship. These scholarships are strictly based on the number of entries you submit, which are based on the number of points you have earned.
I honestly LOVE this scholarship program because there are no extensive essays required, or anything. They do not ask you about your financial situations (which usually either reject or consider you based on how "well-off" you are). They also do not ask you about your previous grades in high school or college, which can either hurt or help others.